Friday, June 20, 2014

Caught in the Net: A PSA

OK, before I begin, let me make a couple of things clear. First, I'm totally not into the celebrity thing, so you'll rarely see me comment on anything they say or do unless it dovetails with an issue that's dear to me. Second, I'm FAR from the Fashion Police. Wear what makes you feel good--who cares what people think? The whole concept of shows like What Not to Wear rubs me the wrong way.

With that said, I am compelled to post the following as a Public Service Announcement.

If you should ever decide to suddenly take on the nakeder side of dark/fetish style, and you choose to wear a very low-cut bottom, NEVER--AND I MEAN NEVER--should your fishnets be visible above the panty.

And unless you're going for an Urkel fetish or something (hey, whatever you're into is cool with me), they should CERTAINLY not reach above your belly button.

Good rule of thumb--if you can't figure out how to hide your hosiery's center crotch seam, for the love of Buddy Christ, go with thigh high stockings.