Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Help me change the world!

The lack of awareness of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders among the general public as well as the medical and psychiatric communities can have devastating consequences for expecting and new mothers and their families. Sadly, I only know this because a misdiagnosed case of postpartum OCD almost destroyed me and tore apart my family in fall 2013.

Suffering alone--as most women do--is hard enough, but as a recent survivor of psychiatric malpractice directly related to the medical community's massive blind spot when it comes to diagnosing these disorders, it is my mission to raise awareness on a large scale so that other women will not have to suffer what my family and I were forced to endure.

Someday I will tell my story here, but for now, I am simply asking for your support in my first (hopefully annual) Climb Out of the Darkness, to be held this Saturday in Lower Manhattan. On the same day, over 100 other teams will conduct their own climbs across the country and around the world.

Click on this link to donate, come out and walk with me this Saturday, share this post to help spread the word--any small effort could make a huge difference.