About The Sleeping Giantess


My 40th birthday seemed the perfect occasion to conquer my fear of opening up my writing to the public, so I started THE SLEEPING GIANTESS as a birthday gift to myself.

There will be no major theme here. I will write whenever a topic screams at me loud enough to awaken the Sleeping Giantess.

That said, I do have a knack for inspiring and maintaining open, uncensored discussions about things that People Don't Talk About, so that's a primary mission here. Sex and sexuality. Religion. Politics. Mental illness. Infertility. How it feels to lose a child. I have been blessed with a caring and extensive support system who have become accustomed to hearing me talk about things that most people keep to themselves. They'd expect nothing less from the Giantess. 

So yes, there will be politics--nearly always served up righteously, unapologetically, and fiercely liberal. There will be sociologically informed discussions of current events--from mass shootings to memes. But there will also be stories about the life lessons I learn as I head down the other side of the proverbial Hill--the hard ones, the simple ones, the bittersweet ones. There will be random observations and stupid chicken jokes and concert reviews and whatever else seems fit to print at the moment.

And there will always, ALWAYS be honesty. Cuz that's just how the Giantess rolls.