Who is the Giantess?


I grew up in a quiet Maine suburb where I fit in about as well as an elephant in a breadbox. I graduated from high school a year early near the top of my class, attended the state university for a year, and then transferred, 2 months after my 18th birthday, to an Ivy League college in New York City. I made it just in time to see the last vestiges of the pre-sanitized version of Times Square and still miss feeling the rush of danger that the City then had to offer--especially to semirural transplants like me.

I'm now a middle-aged mother of two toddlers living in Staten Island, NY, with my computer-dude husband and a black cat named Tye. My daughter, who I will refer to as Muppet, is the surviving half of a set of twins delivered in January 2011 (her twin brother, the Sweet Warrior, passed shortly before birth), and my son, who I will call Mr. C, was born in December 2012. Muppet and Mr. C get along famously and are alternating sources of utter amusement, desperate frustration, sheer joy, and mind-melting insomnia.

I have been working on my PhD in sociology at a major research university in the Northeast since papyrus was all the rage, and I'm still a book away from finishing the damn thing. In the meantime I teach courses in the discipline at various institutions in the area for way less money than you'd think. I supplement my scholarly peanuts with freelance editorial work--proofreading and copyediting--which I absolutely love to do despite the occasional hair-pulling moments when I become convinced that grammar was clearly a passing fad.

I'm also an aging goth who once led the nonprofit group responsible for what became, in its prime, one of the most well-known and respected dark dance parties in North America. I keep waiting for my "goth phase" to be over and for the pride I took in hosting that event to wane as More Important Things take its place--you know, like all the smart grownups said it would--but that hasn't happened yet. I don't make it out dancing at often as I used to, but my little dark heart beats all the same.

I hope I make you laugh a lot. Thank you for visiting the SLEEPING GIANTESS.